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Peace of Mind!

Who does not yearn for walking barefoot on wood? Allowing children to play freely on the floor of the house whilst experiencing all new tactile sensations. Relax! Now you can.

Crystalcare: antibacterial system.

Listone Giordano in collaboration with the company ICRO came up with a special formulation for wood floors that can eliminate some of the most dangerous bacteria for human health. An ingredient added to the varnish finishing process during production of the wood floor that has no downside but only the advantage of better hygiene that lasts over time and protects your health.

The use of Crystalcare is particularly suitable for public and private areas, especially for environments where you need a particular attention to hygiene and health factors: hospitals, offices, schools and of course at those places of the house where we spend more time, such as bathroom and kitchen, but also the children’s room.

The Cristalcare significantly reduces contamination from the external environment and therefore able to eliminate colonies of bacteria.

How does it work?

Microorganisms such as bacteria are invisible to the human eye and most of them are harmless, but there are also some of them which might prove pathogenic and harmful to human health. They need a natural habitat for reproduction with the same conditions of temperature and humidity of human life.

The use of antibacterial substances provides, in sensitive locations such as the interiors of homes, ensure the highest hygiene and safety conditions for its inhabitants.

The active ingredients of Crystalcare based upon antimicrobials or biocide acting on ion exchange. They have broad-spectrum antimicrobial activity. Substances are integrated in the structure itself of the finish and therefore are not washed away in the process of cleaning and maintenance.

It is important to note that none of these are toxic substances, nor they are released into the environment. Thus the treatment is absolutely safe and without risk.

Technological research for Listone Giordano is just one step towards product innovation. It is also characterized by a strong focus on the design of all aspects that also affect the deeper layers of the production process. Now, including Crystalcare.

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Our floors have all the most important international certificates.

Oak products are PEFC certified and other exotic species carry the FSC certifications where possible.
Where FSC certification is difficult to obtain due to Government issues, we make sure we source our exotic woods from manufacturers that monitor the provenance and processing of raw materials, who are also committed to sustainable forestry and their community .

PEFC (Programme for Endorsement of Forest Certification schemes)
is an independent non-profit international organization, whose aim is to promote the eco-sustainable management of forests at every level, and to contribute to the improvement in image of wood manufacturers.
This goal is pursued thanks to an eco-friendly forestry management and a system of traceability of wooden products through the various processing stages of raw material into finished products. Today, PEFC International accounts for more than 46 million hectares of certified forestry worldwide.

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