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Adding quality to your life

In today’s world many speak of sustainability but we, at Admonter, actually guarantee it. The PEFC certificate on our products proves that our timber originates from forests with sustainable forestry, where the amount of timber which is cut equals that which is re-grown. But this is not the whole story. Rather than concentrating on rare tropical timbers, we have always focused on native wood species and in order to preserve the natural resources the wood waste from our production is converted into new energy in our own biomass heater. Therefore choosing Admonter is choosing nature itself in every respect.

In the course of our rich history, which goes back 900 years, our know-how as well as our quality standards have continuously grown. Today, the experience gathered by generations of specialists affects every single Admonter floor board. Furthermore, we only process selected and rigorously tested raw material and every phase of production is subject to countless quality checks. The characteristic three-layer construction is one of the reasons which permit us to grant a 30-year warranty on all our floors. However, leaving figures and warranties aside, the best way to experience the excellent Admonter quality standard is to feel it with every touch, day after day.

Real Classics are never out of fashion

Nothing seems permanent in our fast-moving world. Consequently we are always looking to enrich our lives with real values. Thanks to Admonter wide plank floors, this desire can be fulfilled where it matters most – in your own home. Because of the timeless style and longevity of our floors, they are ideal for designing truly classic interiors which retain their beautiful form for decades and gain even more character over the years. Additionally, there are special product lines dedicated to the latest interior design trends. Such an extensive choice of assortments and wood species encourages free reign for creativity, especially when combined with Admonter natural wood panels.
Each Admonter floor board is real Austrian.

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