Drusedau Walnut Herringbone


Wooden floors - manufactured with passion!

In our factory, located at the Kellerwald forest in Hesse, Germany, we craft dream floors of extraordinary quality.

With precious timbers, best processing and a good feeling for wood we being manufacturing floorings for generations. All woods are fully certified. PEFC and FSC.

Our strengths are individuality and exclusiveness.

Looking for extra wider planks: Up to 450 wide and 5 metres long... We do it.

Our floors are unique. Living woods emphasize you're the ambience and comfort of your home.

We provide an individual solution for every project.

However your style is - classic, vintage, rustic or noble - you can rely on our competence and over sixty years of experience.

Kellerwald-Planks - a lifetime floor!

Manufactured in the heart of Germany the Kellerwald-Plank is a guarantor for best solid wooden flooring.

We guarantee: all our raw materials originate from sustainable forestry. All timbers are selected carefully. We dry them very gentle before crafting. Our planks meet all requirements and high standards. The planks provide a safe investment in a comfortable living, longevity and healthy indoor climate.


Manor-houses and castles bear a fascinating testimony to long ago eras with classiness and sturdy design. Revealing traces in old planks of such buildings shows tradition and narrate old tales. Allow yourself treasures of German Oak to make your home beautiful and timeless.

Parquet: Various sizes to suit you design - Including Herringbone, French Herringbone (Chevron) and other patterns.

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TEL:  0207 435 8282


Wood is organic. It is a totally natural product. Therefore, photographs and samples cannot, with the best will in the world, truly represent the flooring in a large scale.

Variation from samples are expected.