AFC Wool Blocstripe & Pinstripe

alternative flooring


refuses to be yet another characterless flooring brand. Deter
mined to stand out, and be a beacon of creativity and interest.  Alternative Flooring is a brand people continue to be excited by.
Passionate about innovation and creativity. With a cheeky sense of humour,  new and inspiring designs with authentic natural classics based on expertise and experience.


Award-winning carpets, made with sustainable natural fibres that are kind to both you and to the environment.

At tuttoparquet we have a complete Be retailer stand, you can see, touch and choose your carpet.

Natural Collection - Sisal, Jute, Seagrass & Coir

alternative flooring Eco Collection is unique, the first bio-degradeable carpet launched in the United Kingdom. This hand woven wool collection  the beginning of alternative flooring commitment to make a difference and ensuring that this planet is a healthy one.

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338 West End Lane
London NW6 1LN

TEL:0207 435 8282