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Kellerwald Plank

Drusedau Kellerwald-Planks - a lifetime floor!
Manufactured in the heart of Germany the Kellerwald-Plank is a guarantor for best engineered and solid wooden flooring. 

Dimensions: 16mm with 4mm and 20,5mm with 6mm top layer. Birch plywood backing

Plank Width:  115 to  220mm  -  Wider: 220 to 300mm

Regular lengths: 2000mm

Longer lengths: up to 5000mm

Under floor heating:

Glued, nailed and  floating

Hard wax oil for a more durable finish


Colour Spectrum:

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Special Wood Treatments: SMOKED OAK   

The natural tannic acid of the Oak reacts with Ammonia. This helps to darken the heartwood. Deep smoked Oak is nearly smoked to the core. 

Light smoked is  smoked only to the surface and mostly lightly coloured. (about 2-3mm into the surface)

It is not possible to influence the intensity of the colour. This is the reason why smoked planks show a distinctive colour tone difference between planks giving the floor a natural look.

In Germany and Scandinavia these planks are widely used in bathrooms and wet areas.

There's no harm to your health if you smell some odour. But we do recommend that you ventilate the room after the fitting for a couple of days.


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Wood is organic. It is a totally natural product. Therefore, photographs and samples cannot, with the best will in the world, truly represent the flooring in a large scale.

Variation from samples are expected.