Drusedau - Oak Marburg

Burg Plank

Manor-houses and castles bear a fascinating testimony to long ago eras with classiness and sturdy design. Revealing traces in old planks of such buildings shows tradition and narrate old tales. Allow yourself treasures of German Oak to make your home beautiful and timeless.


Solid: 21mm or 16mm

Engineered: 16mm with 4mm or 20,5mm with 6mm top layer - Birch plywood backing

Plank Width: 115 to 220mm - Wider: 220 to 300mm

Regular lengths: 2000mm

Longer lengths: up to 5000mm

Under floor heating: Yes

Installation: Glued, nailed and floating ( engineered only)

Parquet: Various sizes to suit your design - Including Herringbone and French Herringbone ( Chevron pattern)

Finishes - Hard wax oil for a more durable finish

Color Spectrum:
This is also available in band saw cut. This gives the flooring a hand finished look.


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Wood is organic. It is a totally natural product. Therefore, photographs and samples cannot, with the best will in the world, truly represent the flooring in a large scale.

Variation from samples are expected.