LG Slide - Oak Tortora


design Daniele Lago

total thickness: 12.5 mm
top layer: 3.5 mm


Wood Specie: Oak
Colours: Slide is now available in all Michelangelo colours and bespoke colour. Ask for details.
Modulos Design:


Suitable for glued-down installation only. Suitable for underfloor heating.


Naturplus2 - Solvent free varnish, natural mat aspect, applied after a bushing treatment enhancing the wood grain. This finish features the antibacterial Crystalcare technology.




Modular floor covering ((Ref. UNI EN 14354) made of three geometrical shapes (Module 1, Module2, Module 3). Simple sliding movements along the trapezoid’s bases or according to the oblique sides’ thread combined with free rotation create countless patterns.
The planning of specific geometric relations in defining the shapes results in original and unique configurations. Just two elements (Module 2 + Module 3) may create a flooring surface featuring a-periodic patterns, which can expand without ever replicating themselves.

338 West End Lane
London NW6 1LN

TEL: 0207 435 8282

Wood is organic. It is a totally natural product. Therefore, photographs and samples cannot, with the best will in the world, truly represent the flooring in a large scale.

Variation from samples are expected.


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