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Quirky B

British pattern and design in carpet.

Everyone loves the pattern in our Quirky patterned runners. So it was a simple step to combine pattern and colour in a broadloom carpet. Quite simply, that's how Quirky B came about.

Just like us, we want you to embrace the current trend for pattern and colour. It brings vibrant and cosy happiness...

With Quirky B we've reworked the patterns you love, with designs that allow you to dip your toes into the pattern pool. 

Simple patterned designs bring living spaces alive and add a vital element of cosiness.



Quirky B - Margo Selby Collection

If you are going to work with an icon, choose one you can identify with. 

We love all things angular, geometric and diamond-shaped, we've found the perfect partner in Margo Selby. 


Quirky B - Ashley Hicks Collection

Ashley's Chainmail and Daisy designs light up the latest Alternative Flooring collections.

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