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Italian Heritage - An evening  made of Wine and Wood.

We are  celebrating two areas of la dolce vita at which the Italians excel– making superb wine
and creating the world’s most exquisite wooden floors. Andrea Margaritelli will be at our showroom to introduce  Terra Margaritelli wines and  to experience Listone Giordano, a beautiful and innovative range of artisanal parquet, while enjoying organic wines from the Terre Margaritelli vineyards and a selection
of sumptuous antipasti.

06/10 at 7pm.

BEAUTY AND SUBSTANCE - The DESIR Collection from Listone Giordano


Quite apart from the main collectionthat encompasses a huge choiceof floor types, sizes, finishes andwood species there is one outstandingreason to work closely withListone Giordano: the company isfundamentally innovative. There isa constant search for a good balancebetween aesthetics and ethics.


Aesthetics are as importantas the technology at Listone Giordano:architects and designers are invited tocontribute to the collection as well asenvisioning their own floors for projects.


Désir Collection is the latestAtelierproduct innovation: slender, narrow and long French Oak boards in exquisite Heritage finishes: Civita and Fiesole. Warm, natural colour tone to suit any interior project. It’s about listening to the change in cultural values and sensitivity to the environment in art and lifestyle. It follows on from responsible sourcing of materials and traceability throughout the production process to concentrating on producing ecologically sound, unique beautiful floor.

Available in London at tuttoparquet. Call 0207 435 8282 for Samples and other enquiries.




Read the full article with Hedi Teherani on how he created a stunning herringbone floor for Parador.

Click here for article. Opens a PDF file.

Listone Giordano - Slide Flooring (left picture)

The Slide floor designed by Danielle Lago, from Lago Stores, with a Rhombusin minda, is creating a big impact on how look at wood floors. The versatile way of fitting is like a puzzle... Designers are loving it.
Would like to see it? Visit our showroom or send drawings for a design pattern.Click Here

Admonter News


Wood in a new dimension!

Admonter CUBE, a multi-dimensional wall-cladding element is a brand new product in our range.

Go to Admonter to see the range.

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